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Velletri is a city found about 25 miles from the capital city in same Roman province with a population of about 49,000.
The roots of Velletri date far back but it wasn't until 338 B.C. that it became a part of the Roman municipal.
During the Roman Empire, many vacation villas were built in Velletri by the rich along with temples and its original amphitheatre. It became part of the Papal States in the 15th century and around the same time it is believed that Velletri housed the first pawnshop, in the world, ever to be opened.
During World War II the city was heavily bombed and many of its existing monuments were destroyed along with much of the town's population.
Some of the sights were rebuilt again including the Palazzo Comunale that was rebuilt in 1956.
Other monuments to visit that remained intact however, are the 16th oratory of Santa maria del Sangue, the 14th century church of Sant'Antonio Abate and bell tower of Santa Maria in Trivio.
The Cathedral of Saint Clement, containing several frescoes, was originally built in the 4th century but redone again between 1659 and 1662.
Carneval is a fun event in Velletri with events and parades lasting all week long.

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