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Genzano, located about 30 kilometers from Rome sits above the enchanting crater of Lake Nemi.
A visit to this lovely town , if not for just a view of the Crater and the view, would surely be worthwhile. Genzano is part of the Roman Castels, refering to an inhabited areas of the Ancient Districtus Urbis that surrounded Rome from North to South., and the road leading to this delightful town offers a beautiful panorama with many archaeological sites found nearby.
The heart of Genzano is its lovely Frasconi square with a fountain in the middle and the main church of Santa Maria della Cima. The most noted building in Genzano is Palazzo Sforza Cesarini dating back to the 17th century. In June, the town clebrates an event on the Sunday of Corpus Christi, called the Inforiata del Corpus Dominus. Thousands arrive from all over Lazio and Italy for the awesome flower display and procession that are the main events on this day, when thousands of fresh flowers and petals are laid out on the main street of Via Bernardi, on designs previously prepared by local artists, in a manner to create large pictorial representations of all kinds. The procession starts in the square and leads uphill to the Duomo.
The festival was first instituted by Pope Urban IV in 1264 to commemorate the Corporale miracle, that happened when a priest on a pilgrimage from Prague to Rome witnessed the Host bleeding in a Church in Bolsena and its representation in Genzano began in 1778.
The day after is maybe even just as fun, especially for the children who frolic merrily on the designs creating impromptu designs of their own!

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