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A town in the province of Rome, Frascati is found 20 kilometers south-east of the Eternal city, with an elevation of a little over 300 meters set in the hillside in the region Latium in Italy.
One of the seven dioceses of the Roman suburbs, the town is only 2 short kilometers from the Basilian Monastery of Grottaferata and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Peter Apostle. Little is left of the basilica after it was bombed during WW II. A popular summer retreat, close to Rome but yet far from the pollution, with a population of just over 19,000, Frascati is a great getaway close to Rome for an afternoon picnic an evening out for dinner.
Undoubtedly one of the town's greatest accomplishments is the white wine Frascati produced here. This vintage dry fine wine, crisp, pale yellow and fresh, is appreciated and distributed worldwide.
Frascati is also home to several historical villas including Villa Torolonia, now a public park, Villa Mondragone, and the most important Villa Aldobrandini, designed by Giacomo Della Porta whose gardens are open to the public and free to roam with a pass issued by the tourist office of Frascati.
History is combined with the present with the presence of the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics also found here.
If you're up for a day of relaxing, visit Frascati and enjoy a glass of their famous wine!

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