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Evidence of Antique Ostia dates back to 1400 B.C. but is said by some, to have been founded by the fourth king of Rome, Ancus Marcius, who ruled in the late seventh century BC. Although Ostia contains numerous archaeological sites, until now no archaeological remains have been found in or near Ostia dating back to this period but nonetheless, the belief is that this settlement exited. The path of a road from this period, which started at the mouth of the Tiber, and continued towards the south-east, can still be traced.
Ostia is a city filled with ruins and an important history which could take pages to fill. Some of the highlights of its history begin with the oldest settlement found that dates back to 400 B.C. up to 267 B.C. The settlement is called the Castrum, a large rectangular military base built with walls in large blocks of tufa.
In the 3rd century B.C. the port of Ostia was a naval base and a century later the port began to be used as a commercial harbour where grain was imported from Sardinia, Sicily, and Africa. With the import of slaves and immigration, the population of Ostia soon rose to 50,000 with nearly one-third being slaves coming from the Egypt, Turkey and the Middle East.
The natural aspect of Ostia makes of it a romantic site but the preservation of it is a continuing and difficult task.
To visit Ostia by car, take the Via del Mare and follow the plentiful yellow road signs marked "Scavi di Ostia Antica."
By subway from Rome, take the Metro B from Termini Station, in the direction of L'Eur Fermi. Get off at Magliana and change subways in the direction of the Lido. (longbeach) and get off at Ostia Antica.
Allow yourself at least four hours for a leisurely visit. Wear shoes and socks to protect yourself from prickly weeds abound. Organized day tours are available within the archaeological sites and the Ostia Antica amphitheatre offer many shows, music concerts. The Ostia Beach Front offers a very wide range of bathing establishments which are fully furnished with all that is necessary to offer a pleasant day into the organized evening entertainment.
With an Ostia Ferry one can enjoy an organized cruise down the Tiber river all the way to the centre of Ancient Rome.

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