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Rome Panorama

Historical panorama of Rome from the St. Peter's Dome
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From the booklet: "2° Congresso Internazionale di Medicina e Farmacia Militare - ROMA: MAGGIO GIUGNO 1923"

1.The Coloseum area
2.The Imperial Forum, the Roman Forum and the Palatino
3.The churches
4.The bridges
5.The squares
6. Famous Monuments
7.The Appia Antica, Appia Nuova streets

1.The Coloseum area:
Coloseum, Meta Sudans, Arch of Costantine
Acts and Scenes in the ancient Coloseum

2.The Imperial Forums, the Roman Forum and the Palatino:

3.The churches:
St. Peter's Basilica
St. John's St. Mary Major's Trinity of the Mountains'
St. Paul's outside the walls

4.The bridges:

5.The squares:
Navona Column Compidoglio
People Mouth of Truth Termini

6. Famous monuments:
The Victorian  
Pantheon Trevi Fountain  
The Courthouse Garibaldi's monument Esculapio's temple


7.The Appia Antica, Appia Nuova:

Ancient Appia: shrine New Appia: acqueduct



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