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This museum is located in 'Spazio Flaminio', a recently renovated area, not far from the Piazza del Popolo, which up until a few years ago was in serious decay. This is a hands-on atmosphere, where a child can confront various aspects of life, as an adult would.

A trip through the museum is set up in four sections, where young visitors are invited to experiment along the way, under the watchful eyes of the museum's guides. The museum's goals are to promote learning and understanding through activities, games and socialization.

Via Flaminia, 80 · Tel: 063613776
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30-11:30 A.M, 3:00-5:00 P.M.; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10:00-12:00 A.M., 3:00-5:00 P.M.
Internet site: www.mdbr.it
How to get there: buses 88, 95, 117, 119, 204, 231, 490, 618, 916, metro line A (Flaminio)

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