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Situated at the foot of Pincio hill, the piazza is named for the Spanish Embassy, located next to the Holy See. The focal point of the Piazza is the 'barcaccia' fountain by Pietro Bernini, Gianlorenzo's father; built to commemorate a dramatic flood, caused by the overflowing of the Tiber River.
At the far end is the 'Palazzo di Propaganda Fide', Which is the head office for Catholic Missions around the world. The side of the fašade facing the piazza is by Bernini, and the more ornate one that runs along the street of the same name is the work of Borromini. Next to the palazzo is the 17th century column dedicated to the 'Immaculate Conception'.
Don't miss a rather curious 18th century building at the corner of Via Sistina and Via Gregoriana, called the Palazetto Zuccari. Built by Federico Zuccari, it is also known as the 'Casa dei Mostri' or house of monsters ( in the original Latin sense, meaning suprising). Take a close look at the windows and the main entrance. They are all outlined with grotesque figures. Without a doubt the most captivating view in all of the piazza, especially to first time visitors, is that of the spectacular stairway, built by F. De Sanctis and a. Specchi (1721-1725), which remains the tallest urban structure built in 18th century Rome. The stairway unfolds in a series of rectilinear, curvilinear, concave and convex ramps and terraces, which lead up to the upper piazza and the church of 'TrinitÓ dei Monti'. This church, with its ornate fašade and twin bell towers, was built as a place of worship, for the faithful of Rome, by the French government. Inside are two 16th century frescoes by Daniele da Volterra (Assumption and Deposition).
The piazza in front of the church offers an unforgettable view; of the steps, the piazza, all the way down Via Condotti, to the domes of San Carlo al Corso and St Peter's.

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