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This temple, was built according to the wishes of Marco Agrippa, Caesar Augustus's son-in-law, in 27 B.C. During the course of its long history, it has undergone extensive damage and restoration, to the point of a total face-lift at the hands of Hadrian, which is basically what remains today. It is divided into two distinct architectural sections: a Greek-style 'pronao' (entrance vestibule), and a cylindrical body, having height and diameter of equal dimensions (43.30 M). It is built entirely of brick, with niches carved into its thick walls. The triangular shaped 'pronao' is held up by 16, monolithic, pink granite columns. Once inside the enormous antique bronze doors, due to its stark simplicity, an air of silence and contemplation overcomes the visitor. Above the beams rises the cupola, with its inset squares, to the 9-meter in diameter, central 'foro', or opening. Through this opening is the only way external light may enter. In antiquity all the walls were covered in marble and every niche held a statue. Now the walls are bare. Located in the first niche is the 15th century 'Annunciazione', attributed to Melozzo da Forli. Also present are the tombs of Kings Vittorio Emmanuele II, Umberto I, and Queen Marguerita. Under the shrine on the left, which contains a statue of the Madonna of Lorenzetto, is the tomb of Raphael (1520).

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