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This huge stone disc, originally a well cover, is now located in the atrium of the 'Santa Maria in Cosmedin' church. Etched into the stone is the face of the open-mouthed river god. Legend has it that it will keep the hand of any liar who dares to put it in his mouth.

This area, original site of the Foro Boario (Boarian Forum) is surrounded by ancient and medieval monuments. To the right stands the 10th century, Casa di Crescenzio, next to it, a few Ionic columns are all that remain of the republican era 'tempio della fortuna virile' (temple of virile fortune), and behind it, the 'tempio di Vesta' with its imperial era Corinthian columns. On the extreme left hand side stands the quadruple 'Arco di Giano (Janus), from the period of Constantinian decadence.
Beyond the arch rises the 6th century church of San Giorgio al Velabro, with its twelfth century portico and bell tower. Attached to the church is the 3rd century, Arco degli Argentari, erected in honor of Septimus Severus and Giulia Domna, shown depicted during an act of sacrifice to the gods

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