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Music in the capital city of Italy is certainly not lacking, in fact the Italians pride themselves on their music with deep roots in opera and classical naMing such greats as the Venetian composer and musician Antonio Vivaldi or the more recent masters of opera and lyrics Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.
Modern music is also celebrated with Italian music artists like Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti.

The majority of popular concerts, hosting a variety of music events, are held at the Auditorium Music Hall, designed by Renzo Piano, the remarkable Italian architect born in Genoa.

The Music Park consists of three halls, referred to as "music boxes" by the architect himself. all engineered to insure acoustic precision.

Sala Petrassi, the smallest hall, has a seating capacity of 700 and was designed to hold baroque concerts, operas, and theatrical productions.

Sala Sinopoli, the medium-sized hall, holds 1200 people and was designed to host a variety of music functions due to the flexibility of its seating arrangement and adjustable stage.

The largest hall, Sala Santa Cecilia, can seat up to 2800 and was constructed to host symphony concerts consisting of large orchestras and choirs. The shape of the central stage assures excellent visibility and sound quality.

To host events under the stars, an outdoor amphitheater, with a seating capacity of 3000, joins the group.

The auditorium can be visited without having to attend a concert. It includes a museum enclosed with glass, located between the Salas Sinopoli and Santa Cecilia, where once can view a display of a variety of findings from excavations that were executed during the construction of the auditorium.

In order to accommodate and manage a large number of people who come to participate in events held there, the site of the Auditorium was strategically chosen in location between the Olympic Village, originally built to host the 1960 games, the Palazzetto dello Sport and the Flaminio Stadium on the banks of the Tiber River near the Parioli Hill. This exceptional Music Park includes a parking structure able to hold up to 700 cars, a selection of dining establishments and beverage stands, and shops for souvenirs.

Other annual music events in Rome include

The May Day Musical celebrated in Piazza San Giovanni on the first of May. A real world class music festival televised throughout Italy.

A recent edition to the Rome music scene is the annual Rome Hip-Hop Parade, a week long festival which takes place in June, dedicated to hip-hop music, dance and street culture. An international dance competition is featured at the Olympic Theater as part of this event.

The Dolce Vita Jazz Festival which normally takes place at the end of May or in June, is a great gathering where some 60 jazz artists unite to play their music at Rome's Palma Club and the Auditorium Music Park.

In June, July, and August, in other words all summer long, the Festival of Latin-American Music & Culture is held near Rome's Hippodrome. This Latin- American cultural festival invites some of the greatest musicians and singers from South America to share their music. Other artists join the festivities adding their own special flare to the festivities with alternative music. Numerous stands surround the grounds with food and drink available.

The Romans really love jazz.Every summer, from June through July, at Villa Celimontana, near the Colosseum, the jazz festival 'Jazz and Image', takes place. Jazz, pop, gospel, and blues fill the air, performed by a variety of well-known music artists. Other exhibitions are also present on the grounds.

The New Opera Festival of Rome, first held in 1994, takes places in the courtyard of the antique basilica of San Clemente at the Colosseum from July through August. These classical music performances include works in collaboration with world famous music academies. The perfect backdrop for an evening of music.

One of the most admired summer music events is when Rome meets the world from June through August. This hot event embraces musicians and artists from all over the world to unite with the aim of sending a message of harmony and tolerance amongst nations, regardless of ones religion or culture. The event originated in 1993, and takes place on the grounds of one of Rome's most beautiful parks, Villa Ada.

The Rome Jazz Festival gathers international jazz artists at the Auditorium Music Park, during October and some of November for great music performances

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