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If you love the night life, Rome is the Italian city for you.
The Romans love the late hours, whether it just be out in the open for a walk or in one of the numerous bars, pubs, clubs with live music, marketplaces, open air film events and other nightly festivities.

Spend the evening on one of the many piazzas or take a leisurely stroll down one of the characteristic streets to experience a splendid Rome by night, a city not only rich with history but full of life.

The legal drinking age in Italy, and most of Europe is 16 years old and laws are not usually enforced because drinking by the locals is usually secondary whereas being with friends and having fun is the main objective. Prices of drinks vary considerably depending where you go, of course. A cocktail can run up to €12 in a club but an average price for wine or beer runs from €3 to €7. If you’re standing up at a coffee bar drinks cost less because there is no service charge but if you choose to sit down expect to pay more.
For the younger trendier bars, dress is very casual but for the more refined localities, dressing up is half the fun!

Now, where to go….

For the younger visitor, visit Campo dei Fiori near Piazza Navona. Find numerous pubs, many of them American style, where you can have fun and make new friends with both tourists and locals alike.

Just to mention one of the many…check out Druids Irish Pub in business for almost 30 years now. Owned and managed by genuine Irish, it’s a great place to have a beer, and have fun while making new friends from around the world. If you’re into soccer, Druids has a big screen Satellite TV and televises all of the most important UEFA Champions League games. A real Irish sports bar in the center of Italy! Another mainly English speaking pub is the Drunken Ship, only a short walk away.

Looking for something a little more Italian in the area? Step into the Vineria where you might even steal a glimpse of a famous Italian actor or soccer player. For more fun, but a little less crowded is Nolano just down the block.

Still looking for that famous soccer player? Check out Gilda, near the Spanish Steps where disco dancing dominates the scene.

The crowded and very popular neighbourhood of Testaccio, along via dei Monte Testaccio, is almost a sure bet for nightlife in Rome. The area offers Italian discotheques, restaurants and clubs with music from house music to live jamming.
Zoobar is a good place to check out.

Not far from Testaccio is the late up and coming Ostiense area where some of the best new clubs on the night scene can be found. Check out Goa where some of the best DJ’s spin their records or the Classico Village where one can combine both dining and dancing on two dance floors for a complete night of entertainment all in one place.

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant with not so little prices, visit the elegant Via Veneto district in Rome where you’ll find Harry's Bar for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere and only a short walk away, directly opposite the US Embassy, find Rome’s Hard Rock Café for food, drink, or just a t-shirt to add to your collection.

If you’re in Rome in summer, the Ostia area, near the beach, offers a variety of outdoor venues. Gilda in Piazza Spagna makes its way to Fregene on the sea coast for Gilda on the Beach for a glimpse of the famous in sun tanned skin.

Summer is also a great time to enjoy a night of cinema under the stars. Many outdoor cinemas are set up in summer from July to September. There are many but the most popular outdoor cinema is probably that of Cineporto, near the Olympic Stadium. Cinema Pasquino, in the trendy Trastevere area is another good choice with three large screens that project latest releases in their original language during summer.

If you want to enjoy some music under the stars, the highly regarded Santa Cecilia orchestra moves its music to the luscious grounds of Villa Giulia in June for its summer concert series which lasts all summer long with concerts performed almost nightly.
Opera lovers might choose to enjoy a show on Villa Borghese Park or at the Olympic stadium with performances running all summer long.

Looking for a fun night with the kids? Visit Luna Park Luneur, Rome’s best amusement park.
Founded in 1953, this park offers loads of fun for the entire family. Ride on the Ferris wheel, have a walk through the house of mirrors, excite yourself on the roller coaster or just have fun in the game arcade. Located on the Via delle Tre Fontane, the park includes a picnic area and food and drink stands.

Whatever you decide to do in Rome by night, there is something for everyone…all you have to do is choose.

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